Vision Obscura – Kodak Vision3 250D Film Recipe

Vision Obscura is one of the Obscura recipes created by IvanYolo to mimic the Kodak Vision3 250D film stock in daylight. It is recommended to shoot in harsh daylight to get the uniqueness of this film recipe. Although the tone can be subtle and might not look exactly like the film stock, the Vision Obscura can yield unique colours of blue and green across your images that suit street photography use.

Vision Obscura works on the latest Fujifilm X-Trans IV cameras including the Fujifilm X-T4, X-T30II, X-E4, X100V, X-Pro3 & X-S10. If you like something different in your images that look high contrast and saturated, then Vision Obscura is one of the best street photography recipes for you.

All the sample images are shot using the Fujifilm X-T4 with the Fujinon XF35mm F2 R WR, my one lens to rule them all when it comes to street photography. I might try shooting with a 23mm lens for the upcoming film recipe projects. You can also view more Vision Obscura sample photos shot by different photographers.

Custom Settings

Film Simulation​

Classic Chrome









Noise Reduction


Grain Effect / Grain Size

Strong / Large

White Balance

6100K, -R2 +B5


Auto ISO 6400

Color Chrome Effect / FX Blue

Strong / Strong

Exposure Compensation

-1/3 to +1/3



Dynamic Range


Sample Photos

Vision Obscura Film Recipe For Streets
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